Stable Sessions: Meet the Artist #4

DJ Matt James

We had the pleasure of interviewing DJ Matt James – he plays here whenever the Baggies are playing – read below to find out why!

What’s your favourite pizza?
The Billy The Kid. It not only tastes great but the hazelnuts give it a crunch, so it’s a lovely mix of textures.

Who do you think will win the cider awards?
Silly Moo. I love it!

Who is your biggest influence?
George Benson, the jazz guitarist. You know, ‘Gimme the night!’

What’s your favourite song?
That’s a difficult one, but I am going to go with the Soundtrack to Cinema Paradiso; it won the foreign language award in ’91, I think. If you’re lucky I might play it tonight!

Tell us something cool about yourself.
Well, I am the announcer for West Brom Albion, which I have been doing for 33 seasons. I think I was 16 when I started. But I actually live in Lanzarote, so I commute whenever they’re playing and that’s when I come here to DJ.
I also own and run my own music company – Jon [our manager] is actually one of my DJs.

Wait – what? You live in Lanzarote?
Yeah! My family are over there, I’m a resident DJ on one of the beaches which is lovely. Have you not always wondered why I’m always tanned?!

Do you remember your first gig?
Yeah, I do actually. It was at the Australasian bar on Hurst Street in 1987. I think it’s Missing now.

Where did you discover your love for DJing?
It was at Kaleidoscope, which WAS the bar underneath the casino across the way. (That bar has been shut since the 80s, I believe. One of my old bar manager friends showed me the abandoned bar, which is below the Railway too. It’s huge and probably haunted…) but I digress – I became friends with the DJ there at the time and one day he called me saying he was really stuck and couldn’t get there, and just asked me to help out and I LOVED it.


Thanks, Matt. Now, play that Cinema Paradiso, please.