Stable Sessions: Meet the Artist #2

We had the pleasure of having DJ Jus Neil come and DJ for us, and I had the pleasure of interviewing him!

What is your favourite pizza?
I love the Prawn to be Wild. Anything with seafood is a winner for me and the BBQ sauce is so nice. Bit spicy which I like.

What is your favourite cider?
I don’t really drink to be honest, but I love the Lemonaid Blood Orange. The bottles are cool too.

What’s your favourite song?
Everybody Love the Sunshine by Roy Ayres. Massive tune.
[side note: this is Amy’s least favourite song in the entire world.]

Where did you discover your love for DJing?
Gosh, that’s going way too far back. I’m an old man now. I’ve been DJing since ’95. I can’t remember my first ever gig, probably because I was young and partying too much to remember!

Who is your biggest influence?
DJ Jazzy Jeff without a doubt. He’s an old man like me too but he has came out with such good music. I thought he was hilarious on Fresh Prince too.

Any interesting gigs coming up soon?
Yeah! I’m playing at Ministry of Sound tomorrow which is really cool, and in September I have got the Vocal Booth Weekender in Spain. It’s like a big festival. You should come! Get it off work and come and party in the sun!
[Umm, yes please!]

Quick FIRE! Tell me something interesting.
I’m a twin. Not many people actually know that. I’m obviously the better looking one.

Thanks, DJ Jus Neil. Keep up the good work.

Over and out,