Beer & Cider

RAPSCALLION – A Cider Masters Blend

Rapscallion is our golden pride and joy – our very own craft cider. Together with the experts at Cornish Orchards, the whole Stable family contributed to hand selecting a blend of traditional cider and eating apples, which are slowly fermented in the winter months. This process imparts long, rich flavours from the orchard, and the result is a still, full bodied cider with a long crisp finish. 

Despite being very familiar with a huge variety of ciders of all styles, this is our first foray into making one of our own, and we are proud of every pint we pour… But WAIT! Rapscallion is now available in spiffing new cans, for your drinking pleasure! We’re more than a little chuffed with how they look.

At 6.5{ee0109cb6eda7dda61a7c1a5ad279eaea276601f30fa2634a91655afd9c5bacc} ABV, Rapscallion is a great all-rounder, so you will find it at home amongst all the other rocking ciders we offer. 

Here’s a little video about how we made it: